Phill Womble

Phill Womble was listed in the 1833 Laborer’s Time Book as a laborer. Throughout his life, he might have been known as Phill or Philip Waverly or Womble – he is listed as all in the Capitol’s records. His enslaver Jordan Womble signed to pick up the compensation for Phill’s work. Phill probably didn’t keep that money, as enslavers rented the labor of their enslaved people to generate profit.  

Though very little is currently known about Phill’s life, his enslaver owned and operated a school and grocery store. The people Jordan Womble enslaved might have been working in the grocery store – which was on property at 608 E. Hargett Street, only a few blocks from the Capitol. Enslaved people worked in every kind of business across the economy, especially in an urban setting like downtown Raleigh.

Illustrated bird's eye view of Raleigh
Here on the bird’s eye view of Raleigh, one can see the house and property where Phill might have lived near Swain Street.

Jordan Womble’s store supplied the state of North Carolina basic construction supplies like buckets throughout the Capitol’s construction. Phill may have been tasked with delivering these purchases to the Capitol when he arrived on site to begin a day’s work.


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