Terra Schramm

Tim Harrison - From Naming to Knowing

Tim Harrison was born around 1795. He is listed on the Capitol project as a “laborer” and his enslavers were compensated $.50 per day for Tim’s work. Tim sought freedom multiple times.

Boston Finch - From Naming to Knowing

Boston Finch was born around 1800. Though we are unsure of many details of his early life, at some point he married his wife Harriett. After Emancipation, Boston lived in Raleigh and worked as a gardener.

James Curtis - From Naming to Knowing

James’s name appeared in the 1834 May Time Books as a “quarry hand.”

Ingram Coman - From Naming to Knowing

Ingram Coman was a laborer. Ingram, along with Sam, John, and Henderson Coman, are also listed on receipts detailing payments for labor in the construction of the Capitol.

Junius Brickle - From Naming to Knowing

Junius Brickle was probably born around 1806 to Bill Holmes and Nancy Brickle. He picked up his own compensation from the Capitol project - his mark can be seen in state records.

From Naming to Knowing story logo with Arthur Baker's name

Arthur Baker was born around 1788. After Arthur labored at the Capitol, his enslaver may have moved him to a plantation in Florida.

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